What A Twist! BJP Preparing For 175 MLA, 25 MP Seats

As the election battle intensifies, the anticipation of the alliance between Telugu Desam, Janasena, and possibly BJP is catching up. TDP and Janasena have announced their mutual list and are preparing together but BJP is stalling the key decision and throwing mixed signals.

BJP was expected to join the triangular alliance after Chandrababu Naidu met Amit Shah in Delhi earlier but there was no progress on this front after that. On the flip side, BJP AP leadership, through Purandeswari announced that they are preparing for the election in 175 MLA seats and 25 MP seats in AP.

BJP AP wing is preparing for a booth-level meeting with 16,000 party activists in Eluru on February 25 and this event is being attended by Union Minister Rajnath Singh. The party has announced that they are dividing the 25 MP constituencies into 5 clusters and preparing for the election. The party sources say they are expecting PM Modi also to attend their campaign in AP at a later date.

At a time when BJP is expected to discuss and consolidate an alliance with Telugu Desam and Janasena if they have such intention, the party has thrown a twist and started to prepare for all the assembly and Lok Sabha seats. On the other hand, TDP and JSP are still holding a few seats in the alliance in case BJP comes along.

There is a lot of suspense on whether the BJP will join the triangular alliance or if it will go alone. Though the party has zero representation in AP, it is keeping TDP, Janasena, and ultimately the AP people guessing about their electoral plan with their mixed signals.