Naidu Announces Free RTC Rides, Free Sand

Telugu Desam Party head Chandrababu Naidu made a set of huge announcements inclusive of the electoral manifesto of the party. He publicized the free RTC rides for women and free sand policy programs that are to be implemented in TDP-JSP government.

Chandrababu announced that the alliance government will ensure free APSRTC travel to female passengers. This is in line with the free RTC travel scheme for women that is in effect in Karnataka and Telangana.

He announced the free sand policy that was in effect in TDP regime between 2014-19 will be brought back in the alliance government again in 2024. This addresses a burning topic in Andhra Pradesh where the YCP government is facing allegations of illegal sand sales.

Apart from that, Naidu announced that BC declaration will be announced immediately after the alliance forms the government.

Naidu announced an enhanced version of the existing Amma Vodi scheme through which a family will be paid Rs 20,000 per year for every school-going child without any cap on the number of beneficiaries.

These announcements are all aimed at the masses and the chances of the TDP-JSP alliance will be heavily dependent on the manner in which these promises are taken into the public.