Pawan Kalyan’s Bigger But Risky Plans


The TDP-Janasena alliance seat sharing has triggered a storm in the state among the Janasena and TDP cadre. The leaders and probably the contesting candidates from both parties are expected to make their presence felt in tomorrow’s public meeting.

Meanwhile, there started rumors about where the Janasenani is contesting from. The earlier reports mentioned that he would be entering the arena from the Bhimavaram constituency, but the latest news says otherwise.

It is believed that Pawan Kalyan is sure to register a win if he contests from Bhimavaram this time, and also with a huge majority. But Pawan is said to be in plans to contest from Pithapuram, leaving Bhimavaram in safe hands.

The reason for this seems to be the bigger plan of Pawan Kalyan to make sure the party wins in all the contesting MP and MLA seats. While this explains why the Janasena chief is contemplating contesting from Pithapuram, the political experts opine that it won’t be a cakewalk for him if it is not Bhimavaram.