Pawan’s Speech Has Reach, Will It Breach YCP Votebank?

Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan once again filled the Janasainiks with his riveting speech. The actor-politician is known for giving mass speeches and he once again delivered it at the Jenda event last night.

From praising Chandrababu’s potential to denouncing Jagan in many ways, Pawan Kalyan’s weighty words made a great impact on Janasainiks who were disappointed with the seat-sharing. While giving open clarity on why Janasena is allie with TDP, Pawan Kalyan also shut down the free advice centers all over.

Well, the massiest speech and its reach are all going great. But there are many questions like why Pawan Kalyan decided to go heavy with criticizing Jagan as his single point agenda, rather than speaking about the policies and welfare offered by the TDP-Janasena alliance.

Though the Janasena cadre is satisfied to the most extent with the clarity from their leader and the prominence their party has now in the alliance, the dilemma on Pawan’s contesting constituency is still worrying them.

While the party members are rejuvenated with the first proper meeting about the alliance, it is expected that they will take it further focusing more on what the alliance would do for the people after winning. This Pawan Kalyan’s Jenda event speech is great start and the TDP-Janasena alliance must make use of it to turn the response into positive votes.

However, Pawan Kalyan made it clear that he has a strategy and asked those who believe in him to follow him. It has to be seen if these powerful speeches will reach the voters and breach the vote bank of YSRCP in the upcoming elections.