Roja’s ‘Camp Office’ Talk Proves Opposition Right?

There has been a lot of turmoil around the lavish constructions in Rushikonda by the ruling government. When the opposition alleged that the YSRC government was planning to make it the CM’s camp office, the latter kept mum even for the court order that asked them to mention the use of this building.

Today, AP Tourism Minister Roja inaugurated the Rushikonda palace-like building. While speaking, Roja indirectly proved the allegations right. Roja said they constructed world-class tourism buildings. While saying so, she also hinted at the possibility of making it into the CM camp office and as the three-men committee suggested it.

Roja further says if the CM says yes, it will become the CM office which otherwise remains the tourism building. The government sanctioned Rs 198 crore for the Rushikonda building, but allegedly spent more than Rs 450 crore on it.

The media was not allowed to the inauguration ceremony to avoid unwanted incidents.