Babu Should Learn This From BJP!

The twin Telugu states are going to polls together with Andhra Pradesh gearing up for both assembly and parliamentary elections at once while Telangana is gearing up for the parliamentary elections. In this regard, the permutations that are being worked out by the TDP+ alliance are being observed closely.

Telangana TDP spokesperson Jyothsna Tirunagari confirmed that the party is not contesting in the coming general election in Telangana. She remarked that though TDP is in alliance with NDA in AP, the party hasn’t decided on whom to support in Telangana.

If we speak about the hard facts here, BJP will be the happier party. Despite having won 0 MLA/MP seats in AP in 2019, BJP managed to get 10 MLA tickets and 6 MP seats as a part of the alliance. This is a number beyond comprehension even for the supporters of the alliance as they are puzzled about how and why BJP got so many tickets while their electoral strength is strictly limited.

But at the same time, TDP/Chandrababu couldn’t pull up something similar in Telangana, despite being a formidable part of the NDA alliance. Telangana TDP supporters are commenting that the party should have gotten ahold of at least the Khammam MP ticket as this segment is largely populated by TDP loyalists. TDP could have used the substantially high allocation of MLA/MP tickets for BJP in Telangana to lobby for the Khammam MP ticket.

Congress leaders Tummala Nageswara Rao and Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy thanked local TDP leaders for their support in winning the Khammam segment, as such was TDP’s impact here. So, it is not comprehendable to see Chandrababu not even pushing to secure the Khammam MP ticket in the build up to the Telangana election.