KTR Says Andhra Public Clever Than Telangana


For the first time since the formation of Telangana, the BRS party is not in power and is confined to the opposition status. After the electoral result, KCR and KTR were in denial for a long time as they faulted the public for electing the Congress government. On several occasions, KCR used to say he couldn’t understand what possessed Telangana people to pick Congress over BRS after all that he has done as the CM.

This time, KTR made a highly unexpected comment as he said Andhra voters are more clever and wise than Telangana people. He made this comment while speaking about the electoral trends in the Greater Hyderabad region which is densely populated by settlers from Andhra Pradesh.

“Luckily for BRS, the Hyderabad voters rallied behind us while the state-wide verdict was against us. There was a political commentary that BRS didn’t have any political presence in the Hyderabad region, but this was overruled in this year’s election as we swept the entire Greater belt while our opponents Congress were left with nothing. I can affirm that the Hyderabad public, predominantly Andhra voters are more clever than us Telangana voters and I am thankful to them”

KTR saying Andhra voters are more clever than Telangana voters just because the Hyderabad region rallied behind BRS is surprising many people. Political observers are shocked by KTR critiquing Telangana’s public and belittling them in front of Andhra voters.