Shocking Pic: Jagan Injured In Stone Attack

The election season is here and CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is currently on his Bus Yatra program as a part of his election campaign. He entered the Vijayawada segment today and shockingly, a stone attack on the CM has become a sensational topic. 

As per the latest flash reports, a stone was pelted at YS Jagan from the crowd while he was on the top of his bus and it hit him right on the top of his left eye. It was a bloody injury as there was some bloodshed due to the injury. Reportedly, MLA Vellampalli Srinivas was also injured in the same incident. 

Reportedly, Jagan quickly came down onto his bus after the injury, and the medical team provided him with first aid treatment. He recovered briskly after the stone-pelting incident and carried on with the bus yatra. The pics of Jagan’s eye injury have started to trend on social media.