Non-Bailable Case Filed On Pawan Kalyan

As the Andhra Pradesh elections are exactly a month from today, every political move of every leading party is being watched with close scrutiny by the public. In one such pre-poll trend, we can see that the AP volunteers have found a new tactic to trouble Janasena head Pawan Kalyan. 

Earlier, a defamation case was filed against Pawan Kalyan by the government of Andhra Pradesh. The government cited Pawan Kalyan’s statement on the volunteer system and mentioned that this is open defamation of the hardworking volunteers and the state government, as an entity. Cases under Criminal IPC sections, 499 and 500 were filed against Pawan Kalyan.

Today, yet another non-bailable case was filed against Pawan Kalyan upon the order from the National SC Commission. This is in relation to Pawan’s earlier comment last year where he said the volunteers are behind human trafficking and the disappearance of 29,000 women in Andhra Pradesh. A Madiga community lady volunteer complained against Pawan and the case was forwarded by order to the SC Commission who in turn ordered Eluru police to book a non-bailable case on Pawan. 

Ever since Pawan made these comments last year, there has been one legal case or another against him and JSP leaders are suspecting that the AP government is behind these cowardly cases.