Need Of The Hour In AP: Helmets For Jagan, Naidu & Pawan!

The shocking pattern that is emerging in Andhra Pradesh political space is necessitating the use of safety helmets for party chiefs, YS Jagan, Pawan Kalyan, and Chandrababu Naidu. All these leaders were shaken up by individual stone-pelting incidents that have been happening over the last two days.

CM Jagan was struck by a stone a couple of days back and he suffered a bloody injury to his eyebrow. But luckily, he recovered on time and is back on the Memantha Siddham tour.

In individual incidents last evening, Pawan and Chandrababu also had to face such fearful incidents after miscreants pelted stones at them while they were on their respective election campaigns.

If we observe the freakish pattern that is emerging, it can perhaps be concluded that these top politicians in AP might need safety helmets to ward off this shocking stone-pelting trend. While Jagan himself took a blow to his head, Chandrababu and Pawan luckily escaped without any damage yesterday.

A few social media users are funnily commenting that these leaders might step out in public with helmets on their heads if they are to safely escape these attacks.

The opposition supporters are saying this is an atrocious failure of the state home department and are calling for the replacement of the incumbent DGP and Intelligence Bureau chief before any further damage is done.