‘Not 98 But 100% strike rate for Janasena’

Back when Telugu Desam and JanaSena jointly announced their candidates for the election, Pawan Kalyan noted that it isn’t about fielding the most number of candidates but ensuring the highest strike rate of win percentage. He said JSP aimed to have 98% strike rate by winning nearly all of its allotted MLA seats. 

But the situation has changed after the polling and the same is to be understood by the latest comment from Nagababu. He said JSP is aiming 100% strike rate in the MLA and MP election. 

Speaking with the media today, Nagababu said all of 21 MLAs including the main leader, Pawan Kalyan are confirmed to enter the assembly this term. He confidently said Pawan’s 17 years hardwork is to be rewarded in Pithapuram this term.  

To put some factual backing for his claim, Nagababu said every candidate fielded by Janasena was carefully filtered based on IVRS, and public opinion polls. He confidently asserted that the Kootami is coming to power this term. 

If JSP really hits a 100% strike rate, a similar momentum will rub into the whole alliance and it would be overwhelmingly easy for the Kootami to form the government. The confidence of the JSP and troops is unsettling YCP leaders and building up the anticipation further on the 4th of June, the day of counting.