Covid Thieves: Gold Jewelry Missing From Dead Patients

It gives us a way to uncontrolled fury to even think of how thieves are robbing from dead patients. The non-anthropoidal act of stealing gold from corpses only tells about those inhumane people who have little to no ounce of humanity left in them. The family members of a covid-infected woman, who succumbed at a private hospital while undergoing treatment in Tirupati alleged that her 60 grams of gold ornaments worn by her at the time of admission have gone missing.

The jewellery was found missing when the body of the patient was handed over to the family. There was no use when the family asked for help from the hospital management and therefore, approached Alipiri PS. Later, some shocking deets came to light that many government hospitals earlier reported missing jewellery cases of dead patients, including from renowned hospitals like Svims and Ruya.

Police said that there are many unsolved cases of thieves stealing ornaments from corpses and a handful of such cases have been reported across several districts. Currently, in Ruya hospital, Tirupati, there are about 900 patients undergoing covid treatment. And the hospital management failed to bring in the policy of handing over the jewellery to their family members before admissions.

Due to the increased number of these unexpected problems, the hospital administrations were asked to share the CCTV footages with the police for further investigation. It is really sad that the thieves are seizing the opportunity of the vulnerable state of patients who rush to hospitals in an unconscious state or critical condition.