Record: 6 Lakh Covid Cases In A Day In Korea

South Korea continued to witness an exponential rise in the number of Covid-19 cases even as the country has no plans to rethink about revoking the easing of Covid restrictions.

On Thursday, the country registered over 6 lakh new cases, the highest daily spike witnessed so far. The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency said the nation reported a record 6,21,328 new daily Covid-19 cases, which marks a surge of 55 pc rise in one day.

The daily infections are much higher than that predicted by the authorities. The country’s Covid case tally has mounted to 8,250,592 the officials said.

Reportedly, the country witnessed the deadliest day on Tuesday with over 293 deaths in just 24 hours. Just a few days ago, the officials predicted a peak of Covid wave in mid March with nearly 1,40,000- 2,70,000 cases daily.

However, the government does not seem to be planning to rollback relaxation of Covid rules and the people are also in no mood to support such a decision.

Despite a huge rise in the number of Covid cases, South Korea relaxed curfew on eateries to 11 pm and even stopped enforcing vaccine passes.

The authorities are also planning to do away with the mandatory quarantine for vaccinated travellers reaching the country from abroad. But, the country still insists on masks in public places.

Of late, a high number of Covid cases are being registered in South Korea, Vietnam, Germany and UK — all of which are reporting more than one lakh cases to the daily tally.