Corona test: ‘Hold the breath for 1min’, says Ramdev Baba

Yoga is believed to be a great practice in eradicating stress in the body which in turn reduces inflammation overall, Due to less inflammation, the body starts defending itself against various infections, keeping the immune system healthy.

In the same context, Yog Guru Baba Ramdev spoke about building an immune system and how to fight/test the novel coronavirus with his tips and tricks.

Ramdev Baba reveals a home testing way to find out whether you are susceptible to Coronavirus or not. He said that the virus affects the functioning of the infected person’s lungs.

So, one needs to hold their breath for up to 1 minute and check for the symptoms. If they can complete one minute, it means that they don’t have Coronavirus. If one can not complete holding the breath for one minute, the lungs would have been not performing at that level. Baba Ramdev also said that it is good for health to do pranayama regularly, irrespective of checking for the coronavirus.

He further added that with a breathing technique called Ujjayi, one can eradicate many organ infections. All we have to do is tighten the throat and breathe in through your throat. After breathing in, hold in breathe for few seconds as per your energy and breathe out with left nostril closing right nostril. Initially, one may gt cough while doing, but with regular practice, cough will subside.

Since, older people and with preexisting health issues are at higher risk of getting infected with the novel virus, Ramdev Baba said that doing these things regularly will be beneficial to some extent. Meanwhile, the death toll due to Covid-19 rose to 824 and the number of cases climbed to 26,496 in India