Bengaluru Water Crisis: Wet Wipes And Disposable Utensils!

A severe water crisis hit Bengaluru with decreasing groundwater levels and a drought in the Cauvery basin.

The situation has gone to so critical levels that residents in apartment complexes are asked to use wet wipes and disposable utensils.

A Reddit post revealed the heights of the crisis. The user says it has been more than a month since they received a regular round-the-clock water supply in their flat. No water during the daytime and only muddy water at night. The toilet bowls could not be flushed and many residents of the said apartments are going to the nearby Forum Mall to use the toilets there.

The post further cautions prospective homebuyers against buying apartments that rely on water tankers and asks them to find rented accommodation for a better living. The tanker costs also took a spike.

Deputy CM DK Shivakumar announced the state’s control over all water tanker distribution from borewells.