Beware of Extortion! Don’t Panic With These Fake Calls

Responsible citizens are alerting the public to beware of fraudsters trying to exploit them in the name of drugs. Do not fall prey to extortion by fraudsters.

It is suggested that city dwellers immediately lodge complaint with the police if they get phone calls from strangers claiming that they are sleuths from the Enforcement Directorate.

These days, online buying has increased and there are some families which receive 4-5 online parcels on a single day, as all the family members might place orders for online products.

There is a chance for any of the parcels to contain white powdery substance which could be narcotics. Such parcels might be delivered even when you have not placed order for any drugs. Soon, you might get a call claiming that the caller is an ED sleuth and that they have knowledge of narcotics in your possession.

In the next couple of days, there might be more calls claiming that they are from the excise department and that they have information about your possession of narcotics. After a couple of more calls, they will begin to threaten and blackmail you and also extort or exploit you.

The public is being urged to beware of such incidents. Don’t fear and run to the police. Stop fearing about crimes which you have not done and avoid shelling out money on strangers.

In case of encountering such incidents, it is being advised that people approach and alert the police. Several Nigerians and Africans are into such crimes.