Actress Shows Off Bungalow, Experts Say It Is Worth 163 Crores

Sonam Kapoor

Like we said a couple of times already, heroines are busy getting some paid promotions during lockdown as they share various things like a new movie on Hotstar-Disney or something else. Even Bollywood’s starlet Sonam Kapoor also shared a similar post on her Instagram, though none would have noticed it.

Apparently to promote an online sneakers selling website, two days ago the actress posted “Snaps Of Quarantine” from her Instagram, giving nice views of her palatial residence in Delhi. Of course, it is owned by her husband Anand Auja, who happens to be a multi-millionaire. More than looking into the sneakers and stuff she intended to do, actually people got awestruck by the Bungalow snaps she shared.

Ever since those pictures are out, many real estate and property experts are busy calculating the worth of that residence. Including the designer furniture, paintings and decorative elements and the worth of land, they say that the Bungalow costs nearly Rs 163 crores.

Looks like, many of these Bollywood stars including Juhi Chawla and Shilpa Shetty, often fall in love only with these filthy rich brats.