Watch: KCR Trending on Tik Tok

In this Corona virus lockdown, Telangana CM KCR’s press meets have become hugely popular. His statements assuring the people that his government is committed to fight against Corona has garnered applause from all corners.

But when it’s a KCR’s press meet, the journalists should be prepared. Because KCR has lashed out some media houses for falsely quoting him and even took on journalists for asking silly questions at the press meet.

“That’s A Silly Question,” “Thu Mee Bathukulu Cheda,” and “Yem Cheddam Antav” dialogues uttered by KCR are widely popular. Many TikTok videos based on KCR’s dialogues and people requesting for opening of wine shops, pani-puri and other has emerged on the internet and are going viral.

these videos are hilarious and the TikTok users made right use of KCR’s dialogues and even girls tried their hand in this which shows how cuss words can be handled with TikTok.

KCR will hold another press meet later in the day and we may not be surprised if another video pops up.