Pawan Kalyan Asks Trivikram To Introduce Akira?

Much has been said about the acting debut of Akira Nandan, the tall and handsome son of Pawan Kalyan. Here is an interesting update in this regard.

Pawan Kalyan is apparently trusting his good friend and ace director Trivikram with the debut project of Akira Nandan.

Pawan has reportedly asked Trivikram to pen a script that would make for a perfect launch pad for Akira. Trivikram is working on the same. He will obviously be directing the project as well.

Meanwhile, Pawan has hired a seasoned martial arts coach for Akira. The latter is apparently staying at his father’s house in Jubilee Hills and training in various forms of martial arts. A video of him twirling a staff was recently shared by Renu Desai on social media.

Akira will also be taking acting classes before making his acting debut in Tollywood. Pawan Kalyan wants to give Akira the best possible start to his career.

Apparently, Trivikram will be spacing out his schedule to make time for Akira’s debut project as he simply can say no to Pawan Kalyan’s request.

Akira is 17 years old now it won’t be long before the 6’4 tall teenager makes his appearance on the big screens.