Don’t Compare ‘Radhe Shyam’ With ‘The Kashmir Files’

One of the worst comparisons that is being done on social media these days is how a small budgeted movie like ‘The Kashmir Files’ is raking up more than ₹ 100 crores nett while big budgeted ‘Radhe Shyam’ failed miserably. Some critics went on commenting about the USA collections of these two films as well.

Putting a satire on the Prabhas starrer, some people mouthed that a ₹ 300+ crore budgeted Radhe Shyam is struggling to beget 2 Million Dollars collection, while The Kashmir Files which is made on a short budget, is likely to breach that mark. But the moot question is, how far it is right to compare these two movies, talking about their budgets and success?

In fact, The Kashmir Files is a propaganda movie that has the audience (mostly Hindus) breathing fire after liking the content as the film focuses on exposing JKLF’s atrocities on Kashmiri Pandits who are forced to leave Jammu Kashmir. However, Radhe Shyam is a cool entertainer that is panned by the critics already for its poor writing.

While The Kashmir File is full of gore and bloodshed, Radhe Shyam is a typical family film with loads of visual effects and other beautiful visuals. While The Kashmir Files has hit on people’s biggest weakness called religion, Radhe Shyam just deals with the astrological beliefs of everyone. So how would anyone compare these two movies?

End of the day, any film will click at the box office because of their respective content but that doesn’t mean we should compare a hit film and flop him, and make the flop film more vulnerable with some stupid analysis.