RRR In Wine Shop: Creativity At Peaks

Ever since RRR has come out, meme makers are showcasing their enormous creativity about the movie by coming up with various stunning memes. And some of them are going so viral that people are breaking into huge laughs as they come across them. And here is one such thing.

Apparently, some meme creates made a video showcasing how “RRR” happens at a wine shop. For those who have seen the film RRR, it is known how Rajamouli narrated the story by showcasing “The Fire”, “The Ice” and their union.

In a similar fashion, a guy waits at a wine shop for some ice cubes, (The Ice), then misses out on a lighter to light up his cigarette, and finds a person who has that (The Fire) and they join hands to become friends, thus rounding off the theme of RRR.

Surely this is creativity at its peak and the video is right now going viral on social media. Earlier some big brands have used different expansions of RRR to promote themselves creatively, and now this is a first video on RRR, though its not about any brand, but only a funny meme.