Too Many Cooks Spoiled This ‘Mega’ Dish

Other day a ‘mega dish’ served to the audience got rejected outright as none including hardcore fans of the superstars featuring in that film haven’t liked it even to an ounce. And a revelation is right now doing rounds that the too many cooks have actually spoiled this mega dish, and not one single person could be blamed about it.

Firstly, the director of the film is so talented that he never takes major help from any other writers to carve the story, screenplay and dialogues of the movie. But this time, with a fear that he is handling a big superstar, he roped in some noted writers from the film industry.

And those writers have nothing but a huge flop track record to their credit, and their outdated ideas never worked anywhere though they are very good at catching producers and impressing directors with routine stuff. And those brains are said to have impacted the director’s writing big time.

Cut to the other side, the superstar of the film is said to have given a hell lot of input regarding the film’s story and how each scene should be taken. His ideas have worked all the time till now, but somehow, he has given only poor ideas now, if we have to say.

Then comes some of the distributor friends of the hero, and other friends of another young hero who is featured in the film, who have given lots of input about the story. Also, the music director is not the one the director requested, but it is the hero’s call, which is another big letdown.

All these cooks have simply spoiled a good dish which otherwise the director would have cooked quite well and served it with grace, elegance and confidence.