Top Bollywood Critic Charging 10 Lakhs Per Tweet?


He happens to be a top Bollywood critic who could easily influence the Hindi market and trick everyone into believing that even a flop film is a hit.

Though people rely on public talk and also look at the opinion of other critics too, this particular person has a huge following. And looks like he is cashing on that.

These days, this top critic is putting ‘positive’ tweets on many Telugu movies and is promoting them big time. While he is known for sharing trade details and giving some terrific reviews, these positive tweets are said to be a package deal.

We hear that big Telugu stars are paying almost Rs 10 lakhs as a package to him for a couple of tweets including a positive review and other comments. And he’s said to be charging 50K to 1 lakh from small Telugu heroes to speak good about their projects.

As Tollywood is also focusing to expand their business into Hindi hinterlands they are simply buying this critic every time and the earning of this critic is right now more than what a medium range Telugu hero earns per annum. Well, when you have an image, you will cash it, isn’t it? But then, what about the work ethics, that also matters.