Sukumar And His Associate Appreciates Vishwaksen

To pull attention towards his films, young hero Vishwaksen always does something crazy. Before the release of Paagal movie, he challenged everyone that if this film doesn’t turn out to be a blockbuster he will quit acting. And before the release of today’s Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam, he has done the whole prank thing to attract attention.

To add more spice to the craze, this young hero managed to pull off another interesting feat as he made the superstar director of Tollywood comment on his film. None other than Sukumar watched the movie and gave a thumbs up to the movie and hailed Vishwaksen’s acting. At the same time, Sukku’s associate and director of Uppena movie, Buchhi Babu also watched the flick and showered appreciation. But they have done this for a reason.

Apparently, Sukumar watched this film more for the sake of producer BVSN Prasad, whose sister concern has produced the movie. They are the makers of Sukumar’s Nannaku Prematho, and since then the whole production company became close friends of the Pushpa maker. Apart from that, there is a talk that soon Vishwaksen might do a film for “Sukumar Writings”.