Allu Arvind’s Comment Upsets Mahesh Babu Fans

Allu Aravind

These are the days where fans of star heroes fight with other hero’s fans just for the sake of fighting. Even for the silliest things, actually fans indulge in fights. And now, the words of Tollywood’s mega producer Allu Arvind are said to have hurt Superstar Mahesh Babu’s fans quite hardly.

Other day at the song release event of Maruthi’s “Pakka Commercial” movie, producer Arvind stated, “Recently a star hero has danced on the stage to promote his film. That’s quite needed these days”. And this is actually in context with hero Gopichand’s uneasiness when it comes to attending various promotional events of a movie. “Gopichand feels little uneasy to attend various promotional events, but is the need of the hour as the audience are not coming to theatres, and OTT is showcasing its adverse effect on box office already”.

Although Allu Arvind didn’t take Mahesh’s name directly, fans of the Superstar started blasting him, saying that their hero danced the hook step of Ma Ma Mahesha’s song at the success meet, but not to promote the film. But then, the success meet is all about promoting the film more after its release.

Whatever it may be, Mahesh’s fans are blasting Arvind on social media, but then, these types of acts from star heroes are surely the need of the hour.