Netflix CEO Highly Recommended RRR!

Ever since director SS Rajamouli’s ‘RRR’ started streaming on Netflix, the film has been pouring down with accolades from international viewers. Many Hollywood directors, critics and writers have appreciated the film for its larger than life spectacle.

Oscar award winning director Matthew A Cherry rated ‘RRR’ as epic as hell and he totally loved the movie. But he was disappointed with NTR’s landing scene in the animal fight episode that was trimmed. Matthew also hoped that RRR would get an Oscar nomination.

And here is the reaction from none other than Netflix CEO and he highly recommended the film to everyone who hasn’t watched it. In his words, Ted Sarandos wrote, “If you have not yet checked out ‘RRR’ on Netflix, you must. It is the craziest thrill ride of a movie you will see this year. (In Hindi with English subtitles) it is a blast.”

Seems like Ted also experienced an adrenaline rush while watching Rajamouli’s action extravaganza. How was that for an endorsement from the Netflix CEO about RRR?