Special Security Design For #BiggBoss7 Set

Currently, the construction of #BiggBoss7 Telugu reality show set is going at a brisk pace in the compound of Annapurna Studios which is located in the heart of the city. But this time, the makers of the show, both Star MAA and Endemol Shine, are said to be taking extra care such that information leaks and other things won’t happen.

In fact, for the #BiggBossOTT version recently, the makers of the show made sure that all the online editors, associate directors, and other important crew members stay on the premises for the 100 days duration.

That means, while contestants are locked inside, even these crew will be locked there themselves. The major behind doing this is to avoid covid contraction and the second one is to avoid leakage of information. And now, they want to double his security layer.

This time, all the staff and crew working on Bigg Boss might not be staying there but they want to make sure that information will not be leaked. For that, they are building extra sets for eliminated contestants to stay there without actually coming out on Saturday night itself as the elimination gets aired on Sunday.

At the same time, the set is being altered in a way that none would actually get to see the contestants and their movements even from the buildings around, the Annapurna Studio premises also.

Recently Akkineni Nagarjuna has shot for the promo of this new season of Bigg Boss, while the Endemol Shine team is already locking up the final list of contestants.