Macherla Is Full Meals With All Elements: Nithiin

Hero Nithiin’s upcoming flick Macherla Niyojakavargam that marks directorial debut of editor MS Raja Shekhar Reddy is set for release on 12th of this month. Ahead of the release, Nithiin interacted with scribes to share interesting details about the movie. Excerpts from the interview.

Is there any strategy to do a full-length mass film, after a long time?
There is no particular strategy. I’ve been in the industry for twenty years. After doing love stories, I really got bored. With the idea of doing something different and also for an attempt to reach the next level, I did ‘Macherla Niyojakavargam’. It is a full-length commercial movie, where I played a powerful role. The movie has all the mass elements.

What is the unique thing in Macherla?
Although it is a commercial film, the story is very unique. So far, many films have come in political context. But the core point of Macherla is very new with screenplay in the commercial format.

What is the point that impressed you about the movie?
Other than the story, I liked the characterisation of the protagonist. I have not done an IAS officer earlier. Although it is a mass film, there is freshness in the character. I watched the movie and it came out well. With full entertainment, chartbuster songs, dances, fights, it is like a festival for fans. All other sections of the audience will also love it. I will also go to the theatre to enjoy first day first show experience.

How did you get the belief that Rajasekhar, who is an editor, can direct?
I really liked his editing style during the shoot of ‘Lie’. Also, I loved his inputs when we’re talking about the movie. I told him then that, “It will be good if you try your luck in direction.” He wrote Macherla story, while staying at home during Covid times. I gave my nod for the story in first sitting itself.

Didn’t you feel risky to work with a new director?
Being an editor, Shekhar has a lot of clarity in terms of shot cuttings, scene openings and length. There was no wastage as well. Handling so many senior actors is a very difficult task. But Shekhar handled it better than I expected. He made the movie as an experienced director.

Did you do any homework and underwent makeover to play IAS role?
Director Shekhar has done a lot of homework in this regard. He met several IAS officers to study their body language and how they behave for certain situations. Shekhar gave his inputs on the character behaviour for different circumstances.

Is this movie based on real incidents, as said by Samuthirakani during the pre-release?
It is a complete fictional story. Director Shekhar hails from Guntur. There is a force in the title Macherla. That is why we named the movie Macherla Niyojakavargam. When Shekhar narrated the story to Samuthirakani, he recalled about a similar incident in Tamil Nadu.

Will the movie be high on commercial elements?
The first half is full of hilarious sequences. My scenes with Vennela Kishore and Rajendra Prasad will provide enough laughs. There will be fun even after the interval. There is a touch of class in mass scenes as well.

Will the family audience connect to the movie?
Macherla Niyojakavargam is a family entertainer. The movie has family emotions, humor, fun, mass and class elements.

Was Catherine’s role a surprise package?
Catherine’s role is small, but crucial in the story. A key point lies in that role.

What was the most challenging aspect of your role in Macherla?
This is a mass action film after many days. A little more attention was paid to the fights and looks.

Why did you call Krithi Shetty a smart actress?
She is very logical and asks very smart questions. This is a rare quality in heroines.

Are these the best fights in your career?
I did fights in most of my films. But the fights in Macherla are very special. They’re powerful, impactful and stylish. Each fight is different from each other. I took a bit too much pressure while performing stunts. I also suffered injuries while shooting.

Any changes were made to the script, after covid?
We went ahead with the story that was locked earlier. After covid, the scope of commercial cinema is increased. Movies with mass, humour and commercial elements are doing far better than class movies, of late.

About Mahathi Swarasagar’s music?
Sagar always gives me quality music. Macherla songs became superhit already. The background music is also exceptional.

How do you see the stalling of film shootings, since you own a production house?
I hope that the problems will be solved in a month and the shootings will resume again.

Is the twenty-year journey satisfying?
I have seen many hits in my twenty-year journey. I have also seen some failures. It is satisfying to be in good form now. My plan is to work hard and go to the next level.

Whose proposal was to remix ‘Ranu Ranu’ song?
It is my idea. When we discussed about remixing any of my song, I proposed the superhit Ranu Ranu song from Jayam. It got superb response. Still, the craze on the song has not been subsided. I danced in three songs in the film. You’ll definitely love the dances.

Where did you shoot the movie?
We shot the movie in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam. We went abroad for songs. Prasad Murella captured excellent visuals.

Do you have plans of doing a pan India movie?
It will happen when the right story comes my way. If I get a perfect story, I’ve no qualms in doing Pan India movies.