Noble Gesture Of Katrina Kaif

The Corona virus lockdown in the country has hit the India daily wage working class so badly. Peoples have lost jobs and pushed them into deep financial crisis like never before. Though it’s unlock mode now, people are still struggling to get jobs. But to run a family, many are doing odd jobs and somehow managing to pull the cart.

Cinema industry is one such sector that is terribly down. The theatres are shut and shootings are not taking place like before. This showed a severe impact on daily wage workers. It’s been almost six months now that the workers of the cine industry are jobless. Though celebrities are doing help in whatever way possible, still it is not reaching everyone.

In this view, many cine workers are looking at other jobs so as to keep the life moving. But for investment is the need of the hour and currently many banks are not taking any risk owing to recession. A big heroine has come forward to financially support background dancers and she is Katrina Kaif.

Katrina Kaif has offered monetary help to 100 background dancers. Some of the dancers have used the money to start small businesses like selling vegetables or setting up tiffin centres in Mumbai. Earlier, Bollywood heartthrob Hrithik Roshan too supported the dancers and now it’s Katrina’s turn.

For now these dancers can survive for a living until they find the job and for that the film industry needs to run on a daily basis.

But the noble gesture of Katrina Kaif should be appreciated.