Trailer Talk: Outside Issues Make ‘Sadak 2’ Interesting

Back in the 90s, Mahesh Bhatt’s Sadak is a super hit film and now the director has come up with a sequel like a film to it. Titled “Sadak2” the film features his second wife’s daughter, Alia Bhatt, as the leading lady, while senior hero Sanjay Dutt who played hero in the original one is playing a crucial role.

Going by trailer, Sanjay Dutt appears as a cab driver and Alia Bhatt as his passenger who is on a mission to destroy a fake guruji. The film has Aditya Roy Kapur as Alia’s boyfriend. While the trailer is intriguing and interesting in parts, what makes it more watchable are the issues outside.

While some gangs of netizens are demanding the ban of Alia Bhatt as she is close to Karan Johar and the Nepotism gang, another gang of netizens is worried about Sanjay Dutt who was diagnosed with lung cancer other day. Also Mahesh Bhatt’s name being heard as Rhea Chakraborthy’s guruji, and Rhea facing the music in Sushant’s death made Sadak 2 trailer garner all the attention.

All these issues made many watch the trailer and dislike it as well. Guess what, in the first couple of hours, the trailer clocked half a million views, with almost 230K dislikes and just 30K likes. That explains the mood of audiences and maybe they will all watch the film at least to criticse Alia Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt.