Buzz: Nithin Giving Shocks To His Directors

When their recent films didn’t do well, obviously many Telugu heroes have this habit of showcasing the repercussions of that result on their next projects. Especially they trouble the directors a lot to alter some scenes and change the storyline if possible hoping that their ‘recently learned lesson’ will now give them a blockbuster. Here’s an interesting snippet.

Talented hero Nithin has scored a disaster recently with Macherla Niyojakavargam movie. Given the fact that everyone sensed danger bells for the actor when he released the trailer itself, a lot went into the publicity of the film including highlighting the political comments of the movie’s director. Well, finally the routine masala film didn’t appeal to any section of the audience, and now Nithin is said to be showcasing that effect on his next directors.

Already he has cancelled the film with Rowdy Fellow fame director Krishna Chaitanya, which was tentatively titled Powerpeta and that is being made with Sharwanand now. And before the release of Macherla, Nithin has shot for a schedule of his new movie with director Vakkantam Vamsi but now they are said to have stopped the shoot. The hero is said to have suggested some major changes to the director regarding the script, and the movie will go to the floors only after the script gets reworked.

At the same time, Nithin is said to have kept another project on hold which should actually mark the debut of a new dialogue writer. Surely the actor is giving shocks to his directors after receiving a shock from the audience with Macherla!