‘Industry Peddhalu’ To Assemble On Puri Jagan Issue?

The way certain things happen in the Telugu Film Industry without the intervention of any biggies sometimes is a big shocker. Also, that is tarnishing the image of the film industry as a whole. Right now, everyone is curious about what will happen in the case of director Puri Jagan and the buyers of Liger as everyone is hearing on a daily basis about the issue, and the counters from the director.

While buyers losing big money on Liger is a fact, there is also a fact that they have to sit behind closed doors to resolve the matter with the producers. That’s how even Koratala Siva has sat with buyers of Acharya day and night, to settle an amicable amount to be returned after the flop show of the movie. However, here buyers have crossed the line by deciding to stage a dharna at Puri’s house, and now the director has taken it to next level with leaked WhatsApp audio, a Police complaint and his musings through a letter about the issue.

Reports are coming that bigwigs who are not happy with the way things are shaping out are said to have approached a few Industry Peddhalu to call up Puri Jagan and the distributors (buyers) to settle the matter. They want biggies to be involved to discuss how things should be handled here when a big film flops. In a couple of days, some biggies including the likes of Dil Raju, and Allu Arvind are likely to meet Megastar Chiranjeevi to discuss the same.

But with Chiru keeping industry stuff at a distance from some time after the whole tickets thing regarding which he met Andhra Pradesh CM YS Jagan, one wonders what is going to happen now in this issue of Liger.