Bigg Boss Telugu: Baladithya & Vasanthi evicted

Bigg Boss Telugu TV show is in its sixth season. The show has come to the end of the tenth week currently. There are 12 housemates in the Bigg Boss house presently. But, in the tenth week, we came to know that two housemates were evicted from the house.

Baladitya Yanamandra, the child artist turned actor faced the heat of eviction this week. Baladitya will be coming out of the house in Saturday’s episode. The showrunners successfully launched a double eviction this week. Baladitya is one of the two housemates to be coming out of the house on Saturday.

On the other hand, Vasanthi Krishna will be eliminated from the house in Sunday’s episode.

Initially, the reports came out that Marina Abraham will be evicted. She came to the house along with her husband, Rohith Saini. They played the game as a couple initially, and then they decided to play the game individually. However, Marina’s performance is not up to the mark. She improved her gameplay over the weeks but then her last two weeks’ performance is excellent.

Vasanthi who got less votes, will be evicted from the house on Sunday.

Baladitya deserves to be in the house for some more weeks, but he is coming out of the house, unfortunately.

With the eviction of two housemates, the house is now left with 10 contestants.