Actors Are Scared To Act With Me: Prakash Raj

Versatile actor Prakash Raj invites controversies wherever he lands. Unlike other actors, Prakash Raj is active in politics and he is a staunch opponent of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP. Being political has brought fresh troubles for the national award winning actor.

Going into the story, in a television interview, Prakash Raj revealed that his co-actors are scared to work with him. He acknowledged that his political approach is the reason behind but he is not worried about it.

“Some actors are apprehensive that if they act with me, their career may fall in jeopardy. I can understand their discomfort and moreover I have no regrets if actors are shying away to act alongside me,” stated Prakash Raj.

Defending himself Prakash Raj added that he will continue to talk on politics. “If I go back on the ideologies that I believe in, it would give power to others and I don’t want that to happen. Simultaneously I hold no grudge against those actors and it is fully their choice. As far as I’m concerned I’m ready for any consequences and I can voice my opinion more freely. Some actors don’t dare to do such things yet I don’t blame them,” commented Prakash Raj.

Being fearless has been the attitude of Prakash Raj be it in films or in politics.