This Is What Happened With Balayya’s Item Song

“Ma Baava Manobhavalu” song from “Veera Simha Reddy” is out now. We have to say that it is the massiest item number in recent times though SS Thaman should have delivered something better.

However, the song is currently being discussed for one particular aspect. None would have expected that an item song meant to give an eye-candy treat to frontbenchers will be making waves for another thing. 

While the song’s item girl Chandrika Ravi has put on some terrific saucy looks to tease the audience inside theatres, her hotness is not getting the needed attention now. This is because of the dance moves given to Nandamuri Balakrishna.

Evidently the actor who is aged 62, has pulled off some graceful and high-speed choreography in a terrific way. The way he did the hook step or the one where he leaned his back on a cart to do the leg step, people are getting massively attracted to it. 

Currently, the ones who watched the song are getting high with Balayya’s dance moves that it has become the talk of the town now. Everyone is talking about his age and how he pulled off those moves splendidly.

On the other hand, the talk is that a star heroine should have got roped in for the song, such that it would have got more attention and attraction.