Charan & NTR Fans, Stop Fighting And Enjoy The Moment

“If you want to do something here, let me know”- that is what legendary director of films like Terminator, Titanic and Avatar series has said to none other than SS Rajamouli after watching RRR movie twice.

Just in case if Rajamouli wants to make a big Hollywood film, the deal is simply set. That’s a pretty big and proud moment for all the Telugu folks, but not for the fans of the star heroes in this movie.

When the full video of Cameron and his wife interacting with Rajamouli got out, many wondered at the kind of analysis the legendary director made about RRR.

While appreciating Rajamouli, he praised the way each particular scene is crafted, the visual aesthetic of the film and much more. However, our fans started to think that Cameron has praised their favourite hero but not the other one, and vice-versa.

Rarely do we see legendary Hollywood makers talking about an Indian film and appreciating a director. When that is happening all around, what is the need for these fans to fight in this way?

Of course, one should understand the fact that in Hollywood, most of the time directors are the ones who get attention for the film they have crafted, but not heroes and their pre-release event speeches.

Rather than fighting like this about Cameron’s interaction with Rajamouli, it’s better if these fans unite and celebrate the RRR phenomenon together.