Raashi Khanna’s Fans Upset With Telugu Directors

One of the most beautiful and talented heroines in the Telugu Industry who is recently trying her luck big time in Bollywood is none other than Raashi Khanna. Frankly speaking, though she is gorgeous and glamorous, she didn’t get the right hit in her kitty and that is costing her dear.

Raashi has already starred in a couple of web series in Bollywood but none got her needed the break. That made everyone look at Raj and DK’s Farzi where she is the only heroine. And many expected that she would rock the circuits as she might have gotten a meaty role like that of Samantha’s Raji in The Family Man 2. Though she got a big role in Farzi, surely it’s not as intense and powerful as the one Samantha has done. That’s the reason fans of the actress are now upset with this Telugu directors duo who are creating ripples across the nation.

On the other hand, Raashi plays the role of counterfeit not an expert in Raazi and got interesting scenes as well as a romantic track with Shahid where she has done an explosive lip lock too. All said and done, her cute role is so interesting but those who expected more from her have got disappointed now.