Watch: Two Self-made Stars Of Tollywood

Telugu film industry is heating up as summer 2023 approaches, with two big releases on the horizon. Nani’s Dasara is set to debut on March 30th, followed by Ravi Teja’s Ravanasura a week later on April 7th in India. Both actors have been promoting their films extensively, and they sat down for a joint interview where they discussed their respective projects, as well as memes and other film-related topics.

The interview was lighthearted and humorous, with Ravi Teja teasing Nani about not taking his films too seriously, and Nani asking Ravi Teja how he handles criticism and trolls about his work, remuneration, and age.

Nani is particularly invested in the success of Dasara, as it has been produced on a large scale and needs to do well at the box office to be considered a financial success.

Ravi Teja, meanwhile, is riding high on the back of his recent hits, Waltair Veerayya and Dhamaka, and is excited about his upcoming role as a lawyer with negative shades in Ravanasura. The film also stars Akkineni Sushanth and features five heroines.

Let us hope that both the movies become a big hit at the box office.