Hindi Dasara – What’s The Final Result?

Natural star Nani’s Dasara has become a tremendous hit in Telugu states with the collections crossing ₹100 crores mark here already. However, the film has slowed down in the Andhra and Ceded regions after the first weekend itself. So what is happening with other states where the actor promoted the film enthusiastically?

Though the actor compared the film to the likes of Pushpa and even stated that his director Srikanth Odela is a gift to the whole of India from the Telugu industry in 2023, the receivers of the so-called gift in other states haven’t got excited. The real big reason that worked in favour of Dasara is the backdrop of the film, but the lack of detailing hasn’t stunned film audiences outside Telugu states. Even the box office numbers are proving the same.

Despite getting a big release in Mumbai, NCR and Gujrat as well, Dasara didn’t make any impact there. Especially the dubbed versions of the songs in Hindi haven’t clicked like Pushpa’s songs and that led no audience to theatres. While the film surely showcased Nani’s stamina here as a local boy, it didn’t offer much for him at the national level. As Nani never agreed to the fact that he came up with a Pan-India film, even the audience other than the Telugus, has proven the same.