Telugu Makers Running After Her, Bollywood Is Not?

Telugu filmmakers always have a penchant for B-town heroines even if they score a ton of flops there. This has been going on forever and again. One such heroine is making a grand entry in Telugu, but she is not having anything big happening in her home-wood. The beauty we are talking about is Janhvi Kapoor.

Bollywood starkid Janhvi Kapoor signed in for NTR30 in Koratala SIva’s direction. She got aboard right after she said her favorite hero is NTR and her favorite director is Koratala Siva. She is already a star here and who knows, more filmmakers with star hero films may want to line up for her in the South even before her NTR0 releases here. But how is she doing in Bollywood?

Ulajh First Look

Janhvi Kapoor is still not able to bag big films in Bollywood after making waves in Tollywood by signing NTR30. Her latest Hindi film Ulajh also is a low-budget film with lesser-known actors. Even her previous films have not put her in the prime league of heroines or in any big-ticket Bollywood films.

Not just Janhvi Kapoor, but her contemporaries like Sara Ali Khan and Ananya Pandey also did not have anything great happening for them in Bollywood, but they are the most wanted in Telugu. As the trend says, signing a film of a star hero with a big fan base in the South garners them stardom and they go back home to act opposite stars there.