Renu Desai Blessings For Varun’s Wedding

As Varun Tej is set to take seven sacred steps with Lavanya Tripathi, the entire Mega family has already gathered in Italy for the grand celebration, and the festivities have commenced with great enthusiasm. Amidst this joyful atmosphere, Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife, Renu Desai shared her stance on this marriage.

Pawan Kalyan himself traveled to Italy for the occasion, accompanied by his wife Anna Lezanova. In a recent interview, Renu Desai shared her unique perspective on Varun’s wedding. She disclosed that she didn’t attend Niharika’s wedding and chose to send her children instead.

Renu Desai expressed her heartfelt blessings for Varun Tej, whom she watched grow up, but explained that her presence at the wedding would make everyone uncomfortable. She added that her children, Akira and Adya, also won’t attend Varun’s wedding.

Varun and Lavanya shared a loving relationship for nearly six years, successfully garnered the blessings of their elders and became engaged in June. Originally scheduled for August, their wedding was later postponed to November and is now being celebrated as a destination wedding in Italy.