Nani should do ‘something’ for Hi Nanna!

Sandeep Reddy’s ‘Animal,’ with Ranbir Kapoor is hitting the screens on the 1st of December. The film already garnered enough hype with its trailer, the news about its runtime, and the pre-release event that took place in Hyderabad last night. If the film gets a good talk, there won’t be any looking back at the box office. Until the release of Salaar, the film will have enough scope to mint revenues. However, Nani’s ‘Hi Nanna’ which will be released on 7th December is struggling to withstand the competition.

Natural Star Nani played the lead role in ‘Hi Nanna,’ an emotional drama laced with family elements. Mrunal Thakur plays the female lead in the film. The trailer did make a positive impact but there is no steady increase in the buzz surrounding the movie. The film’s promotions are underway but clearly, the film struggling to match up with the craze.

In the current times, promotions play a crucial role in bringing the initial positive response to any film. When the film features noted faces, the promotions would certainly boost the initial revenue at the box office. But for ‘Hi Nanna,’ there are multiple aspects that are turning worrisome.

First of all, ‘Animal’ poses a big threat for the survival of ‘Hi Nanna.’ If Ranbir’s film gains a blockbuster talk, the film would have a survival in theatres for two to three weeks, resulting in other new releases land in a critical situation of finding good theatres.

Secondly, Nani is participating in the promotions single-handedly from quite some time. Audiences would easily get bored if they don’t include any innovative strategies during the promotions to attract the crowds. If routine promotional strategies are implemented, they result in boredom.

Another important drawback is the absence of heroine Mrunal Thakur in the film’s promotions. Mrunal plays a substantial role in the film and it is her second release in Telugu. She enjoys a decent fan base where the people could come to theatres only to watch her. In such a scenario, her presence would add a lot of value to the film’s promotions. But, she is busy with other commitments and is yet to give her full-time commitment for the film’s promotions.

Hence, all these factors push Nani to a situation where he has to do something different to catch all the attention towards his movie. With just ten days left for the film’s release, everyone look forward to what Nani will come up to be aligned with the craze and hype that the film carries.