Don’t put his failure as blame on Tollywood: Allu Arvind


A journalist has tried to organise a film festival in Goa, and a person who has been successful in doing it for years has failed to organise things properly. But the way some journalists and media folks, as well as celebrities from other industries, are speaking about it is not in good spirit” said Allu Arvind, as he responded without taking any names regarding the “Santosham Awards” event that took place in Goa other day, where lots of chaos happened.

For the unknown, the Santosham Awards event that took place in Goa the other day has slipped into chaos due to various issues between vendors, sponsors and the hotel people. Due to that, the function got stalled in the end when Kannada celebrities are about to come on stage. This has sent wrong signals, as some Kannada actresses took to social media to say that Tollywood is intentionally targeting Sandalwood this way. Adding spice to it, some Telugu journos started writing bad things about the event and connected the Mega family to the journalist, Santosham Suresh.

Cut to now, without taking the name of Santosham Suresh, mega-producer Allu Arvind clarified, “He is not PRO for any of us, not to anyone from the mega family; At the same time, don’t put his failure as a blame on Tollywood itself, and don’t pin the award function’s chaos on Telugu Film Industry altogether”.

Speaking about the same, Santosham Suresh took to his X account, to say that some communication gap led to a few issues at an event and stated that all such big events witness such incidents. He has tendered an apology to Kananda and other language celebs for the same.