The List Of Part-2 Films That Might Never Come

In fact, these days announcing sequels has become a fashion for filmmakers ever since Rajamouli’s Baahubali clicked big time and the Part 2 made huge monies at the box office. Even before that, sequels and franchise films like Arya 2 have come, but Baahubali really did the unthinkable, and the likes of KGF 2 added more to it.

While there are some happening sequels like Pushpa 2, Kanatara 2, Salaar 2 and Animal 2 (Animal Park) coming up, there are certain films that turned heads with sequel announcements, which were revealed at the end of the film. The likes of Skandha, Peddha Kaapu, Salaar, Hanu Man, Saindhav and recently Eagle have carried at the end of the movie that they have a sequel lined up. However, the likes of Skandha, Pedha Kapu, Saindhav and Eagle might never go for the hyped sequel, as the first part itself failed to click at the box office.

Also many are wondering how these makers have confidently included the sequel-related announcement at the end of the film, even after watching the content. It looks like they have believed in the content a bit much.