Rajamouli’s Film: Mahesh To Turn On Incognito Mode


Superstar Mahesh Babu’s recent film “Guntur Kaaram” may have underperformed, but bigger things are on the horizon. He’s gearing up for his next project, a highly anticipated magnum opus directed by none other than the legendary S.S. Rajamouli.

According to reports, Rajamouli is taking extra precautions to keep the film’s details under wraps, particularly Mahesh Babu’s character look. To achieve this level of secrecy, Rajamouli has reportedly requested that Mahesh Babu to turn on incognito mode, thereby limiting his public appearances starting March onwards. This move has sparked speculation and excitement among fans, eager to know more about the project. While the reasoning behind this request remains unconfirmed, it’s not uncommon for directors, especially those known for their grand visuals and surprise reveals, to implement such measures.

With both Mahesh Babu’s star power and Rajamouli’s proven track record, this upcoming project is already generating significant buzz. The limited public appearances only add to the intrigue, leaving fans eagerly awaiting any official updates or glimpses into the film. Many are awaiting Rajamouli’s official press interaction before he starts the movie anyway.