It’s Just A Glimpse, Fans Disappointed!

On the occasion of Allu Arjun’s birthday, the team Pushpa launched a teaser to celebrate the occasion. The makers actually termed it as a teaser, but the output is more or less a glimpse. The special video has disappointed many Allu Arjun fans who were expecting a banger from the cinema unit.

The glimpse showcased Allu Arjun in a look that has already been released by the makers. The look of Allu Arjun that has come out from the video is from the much-talked about Jathara action sequence. Since the fans already saw the look, they expected a different visual of Bunny in this special birthday teaser.

The fans also expected an interesting dialogue from the actor, but it also disappointed the fans. The glimpse instantly caught everyone’s attention but it lacked visuals that are not seen by the fans and common audiences.

However, it clearly shows that the team does not want to reveal too many details of the film to the fans and want to hide a lot of elements which may be released at a later point in time.