Fans On Cloud Nine With NTR’s Collar Statement

Jr NTR knows very well how the delays for Devara are upsetting his fans. Had everything gone as per plan, Devara should have been released last Friday. NTR also avoided public events while the movie was in progress, but he was somehow obliged to attend the Tillu Square success event last night.

Not just attending and speaking about Tillu Square, but NTR who usually avoids giving updates about his upcoming films gave crucial details about Devara. The RRR star also expressed great confidence in Devara.

NTR said it might look a little ‘over’ but Devara will make all his fans proud and they can throw the collar up with that movie. NTR underlined that it would be one big treat for the fans though it is getting delayed. NTR further revealed that Devara goes around the concept of ‘fear’ and he even gave a sneak peek with a dialogue.

The dialogue goes like, ‘Kala Kaadaiki oka dhairyam undali, aa Kalani nijam cheskodaniki bhayam undali’. This has left the fans with loud cheers and whistles. However, NTR refilled the energy into his fans who have been waiting long for Devara and he doubled the expectations with his speech at the Tillu Square event.