HanuMan Effect: Teja Sajja Is 365 Days Ahead

Back in 2023, Teja Sajja’s HanuMan is the first film to lock the Sankranthi 2024 date, well in advance, nearly 7 months prior to the release date. However, the likes of Guntur Kaaram, Na Saami Ranga and Saindhav occupied the same slot later, and it has become a tug of-war for theatres. Despite scoring a blockbuster with HanuMan amidst this competition, it looks like the young hero wants to be cautious this time.

Showcasing the glimpse and revealing the title of “Mirai” today, Teja Sajja also announced that the film will hit cinemas on April 18th, 2025. That’s exactly a year later. Many are wondering how come the actor is announcing the release date almost 365 days ahead, the hero says that he wants to avoid unwanted issues later on, so fixing the date now itself. Now that the film wrapped 50% shoot already, surely the release is pretty much possible. However, that doesn’t mean, other films that want to eye Summer won’t fall into the race.

Meanwhile, if Tollywood sticks to the pre-announced dates, and won’t shuffle the order of big-ticket movies, definitely everyone will benefit from it. In previous years, we have seen how the altering of Jawaan, Animal and finally Salaar has disturbed the total releases big time, and in a way responsible for the Sankranthi clash.