Tillu Square Landed Anupama In a Dilemma!

Anupama Parameswaran made her debut with the Malayalam hit film Premam, which was released in 2015. Later, she entered Telugu with the film A.Aa. She earned a traditional beauty image in the beginning but underwent an image makeover by starring in glamorous characters. She surprised many by featuring in lip lock scenes and never hesitated to showcase her glamour.

Cut to the present, after a short break, Anupama turned the tables with her presence in the film, Tillu Square. She shocked all by her bold performance in the film. She also received a great praise for her performance in the film. However, she is now in a mode of dilemma about her next.

With a huge image transformation she achieved with Tillu Square, most of the offers she is now getting are of bold girl characters. However, Anupama does not want to get typecasted at the moment. The producers are even ready to offer big bucks as remuneration but Anupama is undecided about accepting or declining these offers.

Anupama flaunted glamour and treated the audiences because her character in Tillu Square demanded for it. She does not want to do these characters just for the sake of doing them. Hence, she might be looking at doing the regular traditional roles and occasionally playing the roles that demand boldness.

Whatever it may be, the new success she earned with Tillu Square has landed the actress in a dilemma. Let us wait and watch for her next film.