Prashant Varma Denies The ‘Walkout’ Rumors?

In a surprising turn of events, Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh is rumored to have walked out of Prashant Varma’s shooting spot, where they are actually shooting for a glimpse of “Rakshas”. The rumor comes amidst reported ego clashes and creative differences between the actor and the director.

It is heard that Ranveer was taken aback by Prashant’s shooting approach, which allegedly lacked transparency and failed to align with the actor’s expectations.

The rift between Ranveer and Prashant, known for his work in “Hanu Man,” has allegedly led to Ranveer’s exit from the project as per Bollywood media’s reports.

Meanhile, the director reportedly ridiculed the rumors about Ranveer walking out.